Hi, I'm Nako

As the Founder & CEO of Fintech Recruiters, I bring over 6 years of knowledge in the crypto sector and 9 years in the Fintech space as a headhunter/recruiter. I am currently working with multiple web3 startups as a headhunter and can provide you with firsthand knowledge of how to prepare for your interviews and what web3 founders are looking for in candidates.Having guided numerous professionals from traditional tech and finance backgrounds seeking to transition into fintech and web3, I'm now excited to provide dedicated Web3 career services to support their career transition journey."I will develop a tailored career plan that effectively utilizes your background, experience, and skills to secure the right Web3 role for you.Prepping for a Web3 or Fintech interview? Book a session with a seasoned headhunter, and conquer those crucial interview questions with confidence!

If the rapid developments in Web3 and its impact on financial services industry seem overwhelming, allow me to guide you through the career transition process.Together, we'll identify your unique skills and strengths, matching them with the most in-demand positions in the Web3 realm.In the 1 hour sessions, we will work on a 30-day career action plan, allowing you to acquire essential insights into the types of candidates sought by Web3 and fintech employers for their top positions.

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Package A
$49.00 USD
Fintech and web3
career coaching
30 mins
A skills inventory and gap analysis session based on your background and experience in your traditional career. We will map the findings to career opportunities in web3.

Package B
$100 USD
Fintech and web3
career coaching
1 hour session
A skills inventory and gap analysis based on your current skills and experience; mapped to in-demand careers in the web3, PLUS 30 day action plan career.

Package C
$150 USD
Fintech and web3
career coaching with interview prep
1 hour session
A skills inventory and
gap analysis mapped
to web3 careers +
30 day career action
plan, resume review, interview practice or Q&A for upcoming interview.
Resume Review: We
will also review your
resume to meet the
of web3 and
fintech startups.
We'll cover Keyword
Optimization, Formatting
and Layout, Rephrasing
Content, adding or deleting sections, and highlighting key achievements.
Interview Practice or Q&A for any upcoming interviews.
We will discuss common interview questions specific to Web3 roles, and I will provide valuable tips on how to effectively communicate your passion for web3 according to your background.
Please share resume prior to session.

Package D
$125 USD
Fintech and web3 Industry insights for business owners (B2B or B2B2C)
1 hour session
We will cover major Fintech and web3 industry Trends: Analysis of current and emerging trends in the web3 industry, including new platforms, use cases, and regulatory developments.Competitive Landscape based on your niche: An overview of the key players in the web3 industry, including startups, established companies, and open-source projects.

Note: USD prices. We also accept BTC and ETH

Please note: If your session exceeds its expected duration, as determined by individual assessments, you may purchase additional packages at the prices specified above.

Coaching sessions are eligible for professional re-imbursements and tax deductions in most countries; so let me know if you need an additional invoice.